Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i wrote this for something else, but it didn't pan out. enjoy.

The world lost a pint-sized gem in the acting treasure chest today, Miss Zelda Rubinstein. Horror fans and - let’s face it, most people - know her best as the medium Tangina from the Poltergeist series. Sporting an Elvis-inspired pompadour and Buford T. Justice sunglasses, her tiny frame somehow managed to magically straddle the gorge between creepy and delightful.

No matter how big or small her role – no pun intended - she had complete ownership of the screen whenever and wherever she appeared. Much of it had to do with that fantastic piccolo voice that could soothe you to sleep or haunt your dreams. Let us not forget her small role as the organist in Sixteen Candles. Shuffling down the church isle with her handbag and hat…

Okay, let’s get down to business. Teen Witch is why I feel in love with this woman. An old psychic in much need of a man, helping a nerdy teenager discover her powers with a found amulet? Isn’t this every girl’s dream? Louise Miller would not have been able to transform into the most popular girl without Madame Serena by her side.

I have a few crazy fantasies about Zelda. I wanted so badly to believe it was really her as Norma Jean White in “Dancing Outlaw”. In my wildest dreams, she has won the Oscar for her portrayal of Kim Jung Il. (C’mon look at the first photo…) However, there is no point in dwelling on what could have been. I may not be able to pick her up and keep her in my pocket, but I have found a warm spot to place her in my heart. Godspeed Zelda.

One last thing: