Sunday, November 30, 2008


"it's not about a salary, it's all about reality."
caitlin visited for her thanksgiving break. after all the lying around and costume changes, it felt like weeks. we were finally able to put together a video i had wanted to do for quite some time now. turned out pretty well. i couldn't get myself to remove my addidas pull-over and chelsea's kicks. this led me to become an entirely different person while i was doing karaoke at marianne's. breakin',bustin', groovin', movin', jumpin, (and any other dance ending with an in' ) with one big french braid for over two hours. yes, i AM sore today. my parents just watched wall-e, and we had more thanksgiving food. both of my parents were releasing crazy farts. dad's sounded like a guitar solo. ahh, family. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

hi, my name is receding gums murphy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

action & rock harmonica.

the more i watch 30 rock, the more i realize i am liz lemon... at least 75% of the time. all the excitement i had for steve martin guest starring made my mind burst into flames, which may have caused another california fire. (my vajay might have contributed as well.) family guy is on... only to remind me that i watch the simpsons/family guy almost six out of the seven day week. it's not my fault they're on when i come home.

i need to find another job. shredding paper for five-six hours a day is horrible on my hands. i have to lotion up several times during my day, AND i think about the same things in one giant loop. i would talk to myself, but i fear someone will creep down the steps to the cold basement and hear me. tell me subjects to think about.

oh, i have question for everyone....

whazzup with you?
"no, let's play this game. the first person to toot has to lick our feet."

Friday, November 14, 2008

disovery: singing "we are family" alone is not enjoyable. most likely due to the fact i had no sistas with me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

handicopped. yes, copped.

went to a christmas expo with mom, pat, and kay. it was basically an obese, cute baby, middle-aged lesbian couples party. the party favors were pets from the humane society. i almost teared up leaving all those animals. pat wanted to purchase a nine dollar carmel apple, but since my mother was in control of her wheelchair--it didn't work out. 
lost my job. damn you live nation with your cuts. i've already contacted some "wiccan teens" to help me with curses and spells. (not teen witches though. they only want to be the most popular girls.) if apologizing for saying i hate the house of blues would give me the job back, i wouldn't do it. too difficult. anyways, it's probably for the best since i get paid more shredding paper at the bank.


went up to chicago to see everybody else open for hanson. the line was full of crazy hanson fans, so i missed the beginning of their set. (jacque and i cut people the second night to make sure it didn't happen again.) twas fun except i absolutely hate the house of blues. i got to see brigitte whom i haven't seen in two years or so. she's a sweetie. on tuesday night, we left the show early for the obama rally. yes, i was a part of history. i spent days wondering through seas of people to find caitlin and the two magical princes. as the electoral votes came in, caitlin and i were constantly breaking out into song (mostly destiny's child), and speaking in nell's language of choice, "nellish". the loudest we yelled was for michelle and oprah. after OBAMA WON, a homeless man sat near me and began drawing. he asked my name, and walked away. i'm still upset he didn't even offer to sell his artwork to me...since it was a picture of me. i miss boys in their underwear.