Friday, May 30, 2008

bald guys with head bruises.

sex and the city: an emotional roller coaster. i was so drained after seeing that movie, and slightly embarrassed by the my puffy eyes when i walked out of the theater. today was lauren's birthday. caitlin and i stayed up late and crafted her a wonderful card last night. i'm pretty sure she loved it. i know i have no money, no job, and probably won't have a place to live come august....but i'm ready to go to france.  and back to L.A.. and i want new clothes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

morgan & hillary

i feel really gross today. maybe it's the weather... i still need a job. it's just one of those days where i want to whine about everything. on friday, i saw phantom planet. they have been performing in the parking lot after the honda civic tour shows. it was fun AND FREE. i really loved it. since they were here saturday as well, i went thinking they might do it again... they didn't. oh well. 

my tummy hurts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

everyone at the library smelled like poop.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm behind on my blogging due to caitlin and i working on our video blogs. our "yentl" video is our best yet. i'm watching pocahontas right now. EVERY time i watch it, i am able to recall so much about my life when the movie came out. especially the scents: the nestle chocolate with pocahontas scenes on them, my pocahontas outfit when i first wore it, and the plastic toys from burger king... this afternoon, i went with caitlin, john, and lauren to sweet cakes. although the cupcakes were good, i still do not understand why caitlin raves on about the place. john had to leave, which was sad since he is going home for summer, and us "mature" ladies went to target. lauren and i freaked out while looking at a certain picture in a certain tiger beat magazine while caitlin got mad at us not listening to her ask questions about computer games. i love pocahontas.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday, May 10, 2008

i want fuckin 'denny's

summary of my week. 
monday: saw rooney at the house of blues. i hate the house of blues, but if you buy a meal at their restaurant, you can cut people in line. i'm all about cutting. the bridges were alright, and i now love locksley. i didn't want to see all the twelve year old jonas brothers fans at the show, however, when lauren, caitlin and i found out that the girl in front of us had seen them... we had to know all the "deets".  she even remembered what they were wearing... god bless her. every time rooney comes out for a show, i act fifteen again (rooney was my life at that age...) i just yell a lot. normally, it's just weird noises, but i managed to yell a few phrases: "HE'S KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG" and "YOU SO CRAZY, I THINK I WANNA HAVE YO BABY".  afterwards we got some pictures, ran around, and laughed about "judith". tuesday: caitlin and i were determined to see rooney again, so, we planned a megabus trip to cincinnati. somehow, that took the entire day. wednesday: rode the megabus for five hours or so. we watched 88 minutes starring al pacino. all caitlin and i did was ask questions and laugh at the fact that his alarm clock played "miss new booty". everything was hilarious. the cincinnati show was definitely not sold out, but i had a lovely time full of squealing. afterwards we talked with locksley and went to my house in indiana. thursday: came back to chicago. DID NOT GO TO NASHVILLE LIKE WE WANTED. did nothing. friday: my dad came to town for the m.i.a. show. it was not the best show i have seen of hers, but still enjoyable. she is the cutest thirty year old woman i have ever seen; my girl crush. saturday: my dad wanted to take tourist pictures, so we walked around the city and did a little shopping at gay mart. yep. right now, i'm in a tent made of three blankets and hair clips. i think that's it.
and if you're interested, check out my video blog with caitlin.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

so, i'm sitting here watching access hollywood... one of my ballet teacher's daughters (she also was my jazz teacher for a year or two), tracy anderson,  was on talking about her workout method. she now trains people such as gwyneth paltrow and MADONNA. she trained me too... in the fifth grade. 

oh, i also need to mention how her bio starts. "at five feet zero inches, with a dad built like danny devito, ...." 
haha, so true.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

get yer ta-ta's out

the only thing that really bothered me about shine a light was the audience. since it was a benefit concert, only people who could really afford to be there attended. i can't wait until i have money to waste and pretend like i am having fun at shows. bruce willis was standing in the out of focus distance wearing a yellow baseball cap. the front row was mostly women with big tits who gave pity claps, sang to a few songs, and occasionally fist pumped while their boyfriends gave the "rock on" sign behind them. i do not blame anyone for putting those ladies in the front. if i was down front, you would see me shrieking the entire time with tears of joy filling my eyes, and nobody really wants to see that... at least, not for more than an hour. (i know for a fact this would happen. my eyes watered at the SPICE GIRLS show THREE times, AND i lost my voice! yes, i am slightly embarrassed about it.) seriously, i would stop eating (for a day or two)... or kill a small animal (as long as it's not cute)... or sleep in a creepy alley to be that close to the rolling stones. i still think they are all cute for old men... even keith in a pirate-with-eyeliner/never-dies kind of way. christina aguilera and jack white did not ruin the songs they sang on, but they certainly didn't make them any better. 

this morning, my grandma "pat" asked if i wanted to go on an adventure. i told her i would go (thinking i would only be running small errands). i ended up in a car with her and my great aunt carolyn for over an hour to pick up flowers. i wasn't as bad as it sounds. i got a free lunch out of it, but i didn't enjoy spending most of my afternoon in a car. also, i only want to listen/watch the rolling stones right now. i should wash my hair. goodnight.