Saturday, May 16, 2009

mustard in my bed.

the monthly library book sale  DID NOT disappoint. whatsoever.
-fabio fitness: $1
-queen latifah, 
all hail the queen: $1
-complete guide to the music of the carpenters: 25 cents
-the teenage years sexual development VHS: 50 cents
-aggression in school VHS: 50 cents
-crack down on drugs VHS: 50 cents
-best of dana carvey VHS: 50 cents
-two secret presents for caitlin: 75 cents

fabio fitness is slightly disappointing. only one page is dedicated to "lovemaking".  he should have written at least two chapters on the subject. c'mon fab, you were an assortment of sexual characters on romance novel covers and you can only give the world one page?! a chapter on pirate ship ridin'- ripped shirt wearin'-calorie burnin'-lovemaking would certainly have helped sell...  yuck, "lovemaking".  i'm pretty positive i will never actually read this book, but i'll look at the pictures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Friday, May 8, 2009


Sunday, May 3, 2009

the almond brothers.

today is my mother's birthday. had buca di peppo and too much cake.
now, all i want to do is puke-a and poop-o.
horrible joke.

today is also marianne's (one of my chosen bff's) birthday. to celebrate her anniversay of exiting a vagina and entering the world, we went laser tagging for three hours. teenage boys, teenage girls, tween boys, and only a couple adults played. IT WAS SO FUN. we hadn't been since the sixth grade. there was so much yelling. i could talk about it for hours, but i won't.

and again, my dad must have a vacation. i fear he may burst.

pico vs. island trees.

last weekend:

traveling with boyz would be a good hobby.