Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm behind on my blogging due to caitlin and i working on our video blogs. our "yentl" video is our best yet. i'm watching pocahontas right now. EVERY time i watch it, i am able to recall so much about my life when the movie came out. especially the scents: the nestle chocolate with pocahontas scenes on them, my pocahontas outfit when i first wore it, and the plastic toys from burger king... this afternoon, i went with caitlin, john, and lauren to sweet cakes. although the cupcakes were good, i still do not understand why caitlin raves on about the place. john had to leave, which was sad since he is going home for summer, and us "mature" ladies went to target. lauren and i freaked out while looking at a certain picture in a certain tiger beat magazine while caitlin got mad at us not listening to her ask questions about computer games. i love pocahontas.

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