Thursday, August 21, 2008

save me dr. john stamos

last night i got this pain in the right side of my back. it was very instant, and it would not stop. i threw up three times within the hour. the pain continued, so caitlin and i went to the emercency room. (of course, by the time i actually got into my room it didn't hurt as bad.) FIRST. the most decent looking guy in the hospital came in. he had to touch my hairy legs, and saw my underwear. i later named him jewseph goldblum. SECOND. the older guy came in to take some blood. he was leaving soon, and obviously looking forward to it. he got my blood on my arm, my blanket, and the floor. (when i returned from a bathroom trip, i realized the dried blood and wrinkled sheet resembled a vagina.) THIRD. a lady came in for hook me up to an IV, but realized the needle the man left in my arm was not in a vein. she had to hook it up to my right arm. i'm still upset about it. FOURTH. a doctor came in, told me i had a urinary tract infection that has spread to my kidney??? it doesn't burn when i pee! i haven't been peeing a least, i don't think so. caitlin and i didn't leave the hospital until six this morning. now, i'm feeling better and taking some medicine. 

always keepin' it real.

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paca. said...

the fact that you havent been peeing a lot is actually a sign that you have a uti. i had one last year and i kept feeling like i had to pee but then i couldnt and eventually i peed blood. it was nasty.