Monday, October 13, 2008


left work at two. my dad picked me up. we arrived at the bus right on time. got off the bus in chicago at 5:18, got my bag, ran into union station, and barely made it on the train with caitlin. got off train to meet jacque. rode with her to madison, wisconsin. missed the first couple hymns songs. [enter fun times here] drove. stopped for mcdonalds. drove. giggled. slept for four hours. drove to train. took train back into the city. showered/dressed. took red line, followed by the bus to the beat kitchen [enter fun times here] walked to a mcdonalds. took train to caitlin's. slept. got dressed. train. [more fun times] train. cab. waited for my megabus, which was two hours late. slept for five hours. up. work. too much public transportation.

i could have written something witty or hilarious, but i'm tired. AND it's my blog. i do what i want.

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