Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's too cold to blog? this weather makes me feel like sitting in a snuggie (that i do NOT have) for days, and i need to do laundry. really need to do laundry. especially since i must pack thursday night for chicago this weekend. roger + caitlin + me= one kinda sexy party. i'm really looking forward to get away--even if it's going to be freezing out.

i had forgotten how badly i wanted to go to memphis a couple years ago.
i want to go to graceland and the civil rights museum.
chuck berry's "memphis" came on shuffle soon after, so i take that as a sign.

i finally realized i can watch movies on my laptop while i shred paper all day. 
working my normal hours, i can watch three.
i just need to figure out the volume situation, so i don't disrupt anyone.

made a personal twitter:

well, fellini has to poop...

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