Monday, July 21, 2008

batman said "sweat pants" in his batman voice.

i saw the dark knight.
i suppose i'll hop on the bandwagon and say it was good. since i did not have a cute (preferably french) boy to hold on to, i had a sweater wrapped around me up to my chin throughout the entire thing. suspense and i do not mix well... i may have cried a little. most of the movie was filmed in the loop, and my building is featured. caitlin and i got really excited when (a blurred) americana submarine was in the background of a driving scene. we always want to go there when we travel to target/the library. we really don't understand how we missed all these scenes being shot. although, we did see the fake batman hanging scene when we were walking home from the grocery.

i also freaked out about anthony michael hall.... totally necessary. i miss the cute anthony michael hall.

watching the movie made me remember the cartoon, which i had forgotten everything about.
well, i'm going to go to sleep with lights on.

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Anonymous said...

tell caitlyn it was patrick swayzee: