Monday, July 28, 2008

this time last year, i never thought:

  • i would dropout of college--even though i never pictured me enjoying it.
  • i would move to L.A. for a month and take an acting class.
  • i might have to move back home.
  • i would become obsessed with a band that's frequently on the disney channel.
  • i would enjoy working out daily.
  • nobody would hire me.
oh, life. you and your surprises.

i tried to make some bruschetta and cheese stuffed chicken. it didn't look too nice, but it was good enough to eat. i had nilla wafers with cool whip (lite?) and strawberries:

 now i'm sleepy.

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mai said...

i think you just need to find a college that is more fun than Columbia. I looked at that school but some things made me say no.
1.) Chicago- hate it
2.) The program...don't study anything you like'll kill it
3.) The people..haha