Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i miss the tape player in my car. it's really hard for me to listen to the radio when the reception is constantly going in and out on all the good stations. a new discovery i have made about myself: i only enjoy horrible music that i know the words to while driving. i have to sing in the car. (example: i screamed of excitement when montell jordan was playing.) so, if you see a girl blasting fuzzy radio disney, it's just me...being miley...another discovery: m.i.a. "paper planes", is played every hour on radio now 100.9. it almost makes me sick. that song came out LAST YEAR, and it's just now getting played. indiana, you're so behind.

-when i have nothing to do at work, i google what i can do in the future. it's pretty exciting. lotsa options.
-i thought i looked gross today, but some girl i work with told me i should be in the fashion industry because it "comes natually" to me. holla?
-i love kathie lee & hoda.
-four kittens have been hanging around my house. when i creep up to them they (including the mother) hiss at me.

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