Saturday, September 6, 2008

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a year ago, i got three old photobooth pictures from an antique store. today, i picked up about nine more from the same place. if i decide to collect something, i'm pretty sure these are what i would like to collect. i like to make up their back stories. i have one that could either be brothers or secret lovers--possibly both. anyways, when i purchased the photos this lady was telling me about a girl who buys them and makes greeting cards. now i have competition to buy them. greeting cards?? C'MON. 

i had a lemon shake up, mozzarella sticks, and half an elephant year this afternoon. followed by shopping with some family. my aunt kay supposedly has a huge uterus, and we (both of them, my mother, and i) laughed about poop all the way home from golden house.


Anonymous said...

how much is half an elephant year? :)

Natalie Ann said...

hmm... i'm not sure. too much?