Thursday, November 20, 2008

action & rock harmonica.

the more i watch 30 rock, the more i realize i am liz lemon... at least 75% of the time. all the excitement i had for steve martin guest starring made my mind burst into flames, which may have caused another california fire. (my vajay might have contributed as well.) family guy is on... only to remind me that i watch the simpsons/family guy almost six out of the seven day week. it's not my fault they're on when i come home.

i need to find another job. shredding paper for five-six hours a day is horrible on my hands. i have to lotion up several times during my day, AND i think about the same things in one giant loop. i would talk to myself, but i fear someone will creep down the steps to the cold basement and hear me. tell me subjects to think about.

oh, i have question for everyone....

whazzup with you?


Roger Lee said...

since i started my job at best buy,

(appliances is unbelievably slow because unless something is broken people don't have 1500 to throw away on fridges and laundry systems)

and so i sing/hmm songs to myself

i'm terrified someone is going to catch me soon,
i've come close three times and i've only worked a total of 10 hours to date.

i just hope best buy customers dig meiko and regina spektor.

as for ideas
i'm allowed to have my cell phone with me on the floor
(because management feels bad for us and our massive amounts of free time.)
so if you have your phone and you can't think of anything text me and i'll do my best to help out.

that or i'll picture message you one of the guys i work with and we can make fun of his unseemly combination of hair style and reebok classics.

this would have gone much faster if facebook were letting me post video comments.

TARA! said...

work at pitaya.