Saturday, November 8, 2008


went up to chicago to see everybody else open for hanson. the line was full of crazy hanson fans, so i missed the beginning of their set. (jacque and i cut people the second night to make sure it didn't happen again.) twas fun except i absolutely hate the house of blues. i got to see brigitte whom i haven't seen in two years or so. she's a sweetie. on tuesday night, we left the show early for the obama rally. yes, i was a part of history. i spent days wondering through seas of people to find caitlin and the two magical princes. as the electoral votes came in, caitlin and i were constantly breaking out into song (mostly destiny's child), and speaking in nell's language of choice, "nellish". the loudest we yelled was for michelle and oprah. after OBAMA WON, a homeless man sat near me and began drawing. he asked my name, and walked away. i'm still upset he didn't even offer to sell his artwork to me...since it was a picture of me. i miss boys in their underwear. 

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