Sunday, November 30, 2008


"it's not about a salary, it's all about reality."
caitlin visited for her thanksgiving break. after all the lying around and costume changes, it felt like weeks. we were finally able to put together a video i had wanted to do for quite some time now. turned out pretty well. i couldn't get myself to remove my addidas pull-over and chelsea's kicks. this led me to become an entirely different person while i was doing karaoke at marianne's. breakin',bustin', groovin', movin', jumpin, (and any other dance ending with an in' ) with one big french braid for over two hours. yes, i AM sore today. my parents just watched wall-e, and we had more thanksgiving food. both of my parents were releasing crazy farts. dad's sounded like a guitar solo. ahh, family. 

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JJordan said...

A. Your holiday sounds worthy of my jealousy. Especially the mad crazy family farts.

B. I posted my comment to be in funny people. It's amusing to read other peoples comments because they're not all. I hope you win.