Thursday, December 4, 2008

lady cab driver.

i was involved in my first "accident" today.
a woman's mini van hit my car. 100% her fault.
i'm so glad she knew it was all on her because i would have doubted myself.
here's how it went down:

"YESSS!" i yelled as i turn up demi lovato (or duey limbato) and started singing. the radio reception was going in and out, but i knew all the words so it's wasn't a problem. a few seconds later, still singing and having a good time. (for some reason i may have thought about a car hitting me a few minutes before this happened. so raven.) SOME LADY DECIDES TO SWITCH LANES TO TURN AND HITS ME. hopefully i was singing the "get back" part of the song as in "get the hell back from my car". i was in a panic because it was happening rather slowly and i can NEVER find my horn when i'm worried. the makers of my '89 honda civic thought two little horn buttons would be better than just having one in the middle. anyways, she hits the left front of my car. we pulled into the parking lot, called police, etc. she offered me a seat in her van until the cops came to be warm and exchange insurance. i accepted. i sat down, and a voice startled me, "mumblemumlesit's cold outmumble". (the mumbles are because i didn't really catch it.) i turned around it was a girl with down syndrome. i'm only saying she had down syndrome so you get the whole story. cop came. waited in my car. some old lady sitting in a hoveround wearing a veteran's cap with earmuffs was wheeling through our cars. she may have thought it was a parade.

oh, and did i mention i was crying off and on throughout this experience? i was.
i feared a money problem involving less christmas or no disney world for some reason.
...i'm an only child.

I'm also thinking about capitalizing my letters. Maybe.


JJordan said...

A. First of all, I'm glad you're okay. You are okay, right? No injuries?!

B.Down syndrome in any story, instantly makes it a comedy.

C. Imagining you crying makes me want to cry. I hope everything works itself out.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are okay... and also... the person didn't claim to you... be careful.... even you are right... you are still girl...
Oh... Down Syndrome.... it was hard to communicate with them when I was a little... but it depends on types of down syndrome.... some people are really serious... can not touch human...

Is this happening... were you by yourself???
I'm still glad... you are safe!

Money problem... oh yeah...
Don't think about too much happiness.... ah... how can I say?
Think more... you live safe right now... and many people loves you...

Well... little suprise happiness will close to you!!!

Roger Lee said...

i have a 98 honda and those damn buttons plague me,
i never used petey's (my last car) horn so i have no intention of using this one,
but i hit those stupid buttons at least twice a week turning the wheel to back out or pull into a parking space.

whenever a time arises when i should use my horn my first thought it always "oh fuck!"

no action, just a motionless groan.

i appreciate the through nature of your story telling.