Wednesday, March 11, 2009


lots of jews for that itty bitty living space.

i'm slowly getting back to the hood of things. i would almost compare losing my wisdom teeth to one of the loser holidays, like valentine's day or the fourth of july--without the blood puking (depending on your traditions). dad bought me tim and eric season two, mom rented movies containing boys i like, and i focused on the main food groups: pudding... applesauce... and for strong bones, ice cream. it's been a sore road, and i gained a tongue blister along the way.

i need a second job. i need money. i need a constant breath mint. 

for the past few weeks at work, i have been loading xp on computers. i decided to make my "waiting" time useful, and do a little reading. sadly, this may be the most i've read in a couple years. finished:

i kind of want to read russell brand's autobiography???

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