Thursday, April 3, 2008


after yesterday's class, i tried to nap. since napping is for pussies (and i am not a pussy), it didn't work out. jonah stopped by. we discovered a gay & lesbian village around the block from where i live. it's gated and very strange... needless to say, i have found my new hangout. later, i went to another birthday party with clark. in the smoking area, we met devendra banhart. he hugged me when he left, and told me never to change my name. what a babe. this morning i scraped my knee during class while i was rolling on the ground. now, i have a bruise AND a scrape on ONE leg. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REVEAL MY LEGS IN SHORTS NOW?

a few hours ago, i became very very very desperate and went to supercuts to get a trim. i always make jokes about great clips/supercuts, i don't trust them. luckily, they didn't ruin my luscious locks. i'd also like to mention that seventy degree weather + the thrills first album = happiness. 

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