Sunday, April 6, 2008

let's see... on friday i went to another birthday party. it was strange. some guy was trying to talk to me, and neither clark nor luke saved me. another guy told me he liked my jacket because it was the colors of his car. i bet his yellow and black car rulez. we didn't stay too long... we went to eat. i had some delicious french toast. on the way home, luke acted like he was going to hit the tranny hookers with his car. they were scared, and it was hilarious. yesterday, i didn't do a lot. i went out shopping by myself, and had pizza. it was really nice outside, therefore i did not want to stay indoors. all the walking made my blisters slightly worse. (i only have two this time, caitlin.) clark and i went to the art museum a few hours ago. well, first we went to bob's big boy aka FRISCH'S BIG BOY. i really enjoyed the kid's section of the art museum. i was jealous that they got to make crafts, and i wanted to steal their stuff. one of my favorite pieces was a cat that had stepped in ink leaving paw prints. those children had talent. oh, and some guy said "SO..." very loudly in my face. i am still not sure if he was talking to me, but it was frightening. i should probably start taking pictures when i'm out doing things.

i recently had a craving for horrible food, so i went to carl's jr aka HARDEE'S. the fries were so greasy; i regret it now. AND a homeless man is across the street reading (or pretending to read) the newspaper. if i was fast enough, i'd be running away with his cart right now. 

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