Thursday, April 10, 2008

tara reid

rob lowe wearing an earring and playing a tenor saxophone: my favorite part of st. elmo's fire. i also enjoyed demi moore's cocaine addiction and judd nelson's business attire. 
after class today, i went to a jay leno taping to see the redwalls. (for free.) i'm not a huge fan of leno, but i liked his grey hair and some of his jokes. keanu reeves was pretty boring. chelsea handler was funny because she made some midget jokes. and if you know me, you know i appreciate a good little person joke. the redwalls are always cute, but today they were beautiful. i was happy i had the chance to go. a cab driver called me because he thought i left my bracelet in his car. it was nice that he made the call even though it was not mine... and slightly creepy.

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Caitlin said...

"I would like to get to know you better..."