Saturday, April 26, 2008

hey girl. you hot.

TODAY WAS MY LAST FULL DAY IN L.A. how depressing. while everyone is seeing prince at coachella, i am packing and cleaning. earlier today, i washed towels at the laundry mat and walked around one last time. i was in a toys/costume shop and all the wigs, glasses, facial hair, etc were in cases so nobody could try them on. i don't want to go have someone unlock the case just so i can try on a george washington wig. sigh. when i passed hooters, i noticed they sell a t-shirt that says "future hooters girl". i would have purchased it if i had a daughter...or son. a little boy and older guy were riding their bikes beside me. the older guy was talking to me and asked my name. then he said, "natalie... is there a natalie on the disney channel?" 
-no, there is not a natalie on the disney channel because camp rock 2 starring the jonas brothers and i has not been made yet.

i played a crane game, and won this sad, overweight dog.
me. bored. 
the boredom stopped when i started playing the arcade games.
i finally bought food here...

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