Wednesday, April 2, 2008

last night i went to a birthday party with clark. i got to pet four dogs, and i ate brownies and ice cream with warm raspberries on top. i was an idiot, and locked myself out of my apartment. thanks to clark's onstar/magic car, i was able to call a locksmith. he wore a light around his neck, and made a lot of noise. i had to spend $100+ for that guy, so i will NOT leave my keys again. today, i had my first cold reading class. it wasn't too bad. on the way home, i rode the train with
this man. i stared at him long enough in order to tell this blog with confidence that it was him... someone is getting headshots taken across the street.

this morning i found this on the ground:
it's definitely one of my best finds.

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Manadabomb said...

santino! I hate his voice. You should have asked him to imitate Tim.