Sunday, April 13, 2008

ross: dress for less

last night, clark and i watched velvet goldmine. i can't/don't want to really explain it. you get to see christopher bale wearing lipstick (and trying to be cool), ewan mcgregor's penis, and possibly a spaceship?  there was some other stuff too, i guess... some guy told me i was beautiful while i was walking today, and that someone should tell me that at least five times a day, everyday. this blog is mainly about movies i watch, food i eat, and creeps that compliment me.
tonight, i saw everybody else. i had not seen them in over a year, so it was nice to see those boys again. and since they are so lovely, they brought me home. that saved me ten bucks. near the roxy, is a maui wowi! (i always get smoothies from the maui wowi booth during lollapalooza, and i often crave them.) i need to replace light bulbs in the kitchen.

(me, right now. tired.)


chachi said...

you are beautiful and those ebe boys are too.

Joanie said...

Hahaha the tag to this post. AND! Seriously, how cute are dem boys! And gentlemen too, taking you home!